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Veronica Pototska aka Siniciliya wearing Natasha Fishchenko dress

Cappadocia with Natasha Fishchenko

I am very happy to finally announce our collaboration with a talented Ukrainian designer Natasha Fishchenko. We combined our visions of a young woman’s lifestyle and created two dresses perfect for traveling the world.

Natasha Fishchenko’s design is inspired by a woman who gracefully bites juicy peaches and aristocratically walks barefoot through the warm puddles. She loves colors and combines prints, and she loves art. She travels around the world with a book in her hands. She is in love with life, fashion, sunrises, and adventures.

Together we went to Cappadocia to shoot a story of our elegant adventure.

Cappadocia is a magical region in Turkey famous for its ethereal landscapes. The most stylish and creative people from all over the world come here for inspiration.

The Dresses

The dress named Povitrulya is made of silk chiffon with vintage print. It is long and repeats a woman’s silhouette, its sleeve can be unfastened. Povitrulya in Ukrainian means tumbleweed.

Persian Flare is the second dress we created together. It is weightless and suitable for any occasion. Light and hot like Persia, it was created for warm nights and orange sunrises. It is not too closed and not too open, modest, neat and feminine, perfect to wear with sandals, heels or sneakers.

We shot three stories:

Magic Carpets

As I was walking in the streets of Goreme I saw a wall that was fully covered with carpets. And then I saw a door in it. I opened it and I suddenly appeared in a magical world. It was a backyard that was decorated with handmade carpets with bright patterns. Most of them were over 250 years old and were brought here from all over the Turkey. Fancy, embroidered pillows, and plates with manmade gems and accessories were scattered near the walls.

Just like in old times, merchants were sitting on the pillows slowly drinking apple tea from tulip-shaped glasses. I was walking around the shop studying every detail, looking at old patterns on the carpets and costumes, jars, shawls, and furniture. Pastel shades of my Persian Flare dress were contrasting to the riot of colors around me. I stylized this dress with a light coral shawl with golden threads and a golden wreath bracelet.

Bird’s Eye View

Every morning dozens of colorful hot air balloons rise up into the sky with the first rays of the and fly above the valleys in Cappadocia. They greedily breathe in hot air to fly up high and leave everything behind them. Hot air balloons can fly really low, almost touching the rooftops of the houses in Goreme. During just one hour in the very early morning colors change from sandy gray and pale crimson to golden shades of yellow and orange.

Flying in the basket of a hot air balloon I could see the world from a bird’s eye view. After we landed in a valley we greeted the morning sun with a glass of champagne.

Just as the hot air balloon gave me the sensation of weightlessness, so did my see-through Povitrulya dress made of chiffon as it repeats every move of my body. All shades of my Povitrulya dress became more saturated with color when the sun rose.

Sunrise and Doves

Paved with carpets and embroidered pillows, the rooftop of the Sultan Cave Suites hotel is a place with the most romantic view of the valley and hot air balloons. At first, the hot air balloons look tiny and as they come very close they look like giants that fly above the valleys looking at their land. Sitting on the rooftop, I was enjoying juicy and sweet peaches, warm bakery treats and Cappadocian cheeses.

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