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Meet Natasha Fishchenko

About the Natasha Fishchenko brand


Natasha Fishchenko was born in Ukraine. She prefers to live the comparatively closed life, devoting her time to creative work and art.

The Ukrainian revolution of Dignity in 2014 became a starting point for launching her own eponymous label.

Natasha Fishchenko creates clothing for women who wondered about the purpose of their own existence. The concept of freedom for who is not trousers and a senior management position and a beauty is far beyond the physical appearance.

Fishchenko's looks translate the designer’s passion to self-expression, inner freedom, equality and nature charm of a woman.

Thoroughly reworked constructions of the brand’s pieces are decorated with rich details organically enhancing woman figure in the most elegant way. The designer puts the Ukrainian national costume through a prism of her own vision. She makes a sign to mankind that we share one planet, air, and water, therefore we share the responsibility for.

Each dress from Natasha Fishchenko is a statement of beauty, the concentration of love, hand-crafted from stitches to the finishing embroidery.