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In Bruges

Gergiana Boboc wearing Natasha Fishchenko in Bruges

Stripes and gingham

We are in a constant need of peaceful special places like these…We recently traveled to Bruges and one of our stays was in this countryside dazzling castle, at only few kilometers away from the old city. Its spacious elegant rooms are full of art and objects of curiosity that we surely enjoyed seeing. The library was my favorite room, full with books to keep you occupied an entire life. In one of the photos bellow you will see how my ideal desk looks like, imagine the smell of old carved wood and Jeanne Lanvin with Madame Grès sipping tea and talking pleats.

If I had the chance to pick a castle to live in, this would be it…The owners have a particular taste that happens to be very similar to my ideal. The priceless books, the romantic walls, the high windows, the Flemish tapestry, the tea cups, the smell in the morning, the piano notes, the candles burning at night, the infinite ceilings, the large mirrors, the cozy kitchen, the tower…

How many fashion choices this place would inspire me to create?! How many fabulous gowns and pretty hats?! This modern combination was definitely one of them, I love how the stripes look with the gingham print, how the large bow is creating a volume giving originality to the whole outfit. And of course nothing is #funfashion worthy without the adequate accessories. If you look closer you find the gingham on my leather hat and the stripes on my heels.

I am wearing :


DEE BY DALIA bow top


FENDI shoes

Photographer : Sébastien Fournier Location : Bruges/Chateau de Spycker