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About brand

Natasha Fishchenko is a brand whose main purpose is to create solutions for every day changing and modifying clothing, emphasizing a sustainable attitude towards fashion and consumption.

Creating new meanings of things, change the world.

Natasha Fishchenko© is a family business founded by Olexa Onyshchenko and Nata Fishchenko in 2015. The creators of the brand work hand in hand, creating their own patterns, restore lost technologies, combine recycled materials, resume local production, achieving a complete, sustainable life cycle of clothing. One of the company's objectives is to relaunch local production and recycling of textiles. Designers are experimenting with recycled velvet, working on the production of fabric from local wool, dyeing viscose with natural floral dyes and developing a project for the recycling of textile production residues.

The brand is represented worldwide in more than 20 stores.

Design Innovation

Years of experimentation led us to the creation of the world's only clothing-constructor “Ai-coat”. The garment what can be built, creating a new look every day, on your own will and mood. The patented design allows to assemble and disassemble the garment easily, quickly and fun.

Buying Ai-coat, no need to buy a new garment if it went out of fashion or is worn out, just replace the disliked part and the item becomes new and unique once again.

The launch of the Ai-coat took place in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam in January 2019 .

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