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Miss Boboc

Georigiana Boboc wearing Natasha Fishchenko dress in Paris

Few blue written thoughts on a cloudy dress

Before going into details about my look I wanted to clear out few things (due to recent Vogue articles about fashion blogging and how “bad” we all are). Instagram has lead me to discover a lot of fantastic young designers in the past few years, talents that I always supported and encouraged through my work as a blogger and stylist ( few of them actually became huge in the industry) which is also because of “us” bloggers who sincerely promote young talents. Being a personal style blogger has challenged me to do so much in terms of styling and I am so excited to see how my style identity is developing. I like to think that what I am doing with my work for vintage-traffic.com is absolutely genuine and I truly believe it has shown over the last 9 years, that whatever I do for this industry I do it honestly from the heart.

It is a bit too much to put everyone in the bad spot… I do agree that sadly there are also bloggers who don’t really care about the design and the sacrifices involved in the stage of creation (some of them don’t have the appropriate education to do that), but I don’t find it fair to bring useless journalistic insults to anyone in any context. We are living tough times in the world of textiles. We should rather focus in changing something, instead of pointing our fingers to those who we find “guilty”. I feel like there is so much to be changed, I see a lot talent being wasted because the strong publications are not making enough effort in promoting them either. But who is to blame for that “tiny” detail?!

I am not a hanger who dresses all in pretty samples and branded clothing, that is why in here you will never see something else but my real personal style and things from my own wardrobe, that I purchase or am being gifted (unless I specify it was borrowed for a campaign or editorial, which is barely happening). For me it is all about the backstage, I am curious to see the details before the final item which goes into production and fits wonderfully after being designed by the finest ateliers.

There is nothing I don’t like about young Ukrainian brand under the name of Natasha Fishchenko. The brand reunites a very talented couple, Olexa Onyshchenko and Natalka Fishchenko. Their brand inspire me freedom, their lines are very chic and wearable at the same time. The dress I am wearing reminds me of a blue sky covered with serene clouds. The ruffles are a very feminine touch and the sheer dotted fabric on the top makes it double special. I am so curious to see what they are coming up next. I spotted some constructed coats that are absolutely innovative. Don’t hesitate to see more of their work here.

I am wearing


ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ denim sequinned jacket

GLASSESUSA sunglasses


ACNE boots

Photographer: Sébastien Fournier/ Location: Paris/Palais Royal