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Our Brand

The brand Natasha Fishchenko was founded by Olexa Onyshchenko and Natalka Fishchenko – the partners in life and business. Each of them has one’s role in the company. Olexa is a manager and a take care of strategy planning. Oleksii is a business component of the company. Without him sketches would staid gathering dust on the shelves. Natalka is a painter, a designer, a creative basis and a DNA of the brand.

An idea of the brand creation was thought several years ago and finally in December of 2015 the clothing appeared in stores. A lot of time were spent on investment and reliable partners searching, European fashion industry researching and core studying. Today the production is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, where garments are produced from Italian fabrics.

The brand is focused on development of:

  • Coat-constructors. The world’s first garments that embodied the brand’s basis philosophy of a slow fashion
  • Full collection of womenswear and accessories
  • Niche perfumery

Everything which is made for Natasha Fishchenko bore the imprint of brand’s DNA – Bessarabia. The passionate, inexhaustible inspiration of thousands-year-old. Natalka grew in Bessarabia and she considers herself as a woman of the world since she has: Ukrainian, Moldavian, Jude, Romanian and even German blood in her veins. Pictures from her childhood are multicultural so much that gives something out-of-the-way to everything the designer creates.